Assets By Client Type

Diversification in the types of clients we serve was an intentional strategy for accomplishing three goals. First, it gives us the opportunity to employ investment strategies and services needed by one client type to another. For example, our expertise in serving large institutions has given individuals and families confidence in our capabilities. Conversely, many investment communication resources and education programs we designed for individuals have become valuable to institutions – particularly to foundations and endowments.  Second, through diversification, our clients have benefitted from the stability of having a range of revenue sources for the firm.

Lastly, our various client types have supported our “word-of-mouth” strategy for growth. Based on our performance and client service, trustees have referred individuals to us. Also, we have been introduced to many institutions through our individual clients. We believe the best referrals we can receive are from those who have worked directly with us – personally or professionally.

 Updated annually --  as of December 31, 2015